University of Nottingham


The TransCoCon project is funded by Erasmus+ and is a  3-year project, with the University of Nottingham as the lead partner; collaborating with 4 European Higher Education Institution (HEI) partners, the project is supported by academic staff and technologists from the School of Health Sciences.  

TransCoCon will focus on enhancing cultural awareness and promotion of transcultural competence in the professional context of nursing and healthcare, by:

  • Establishing a transnational partnership including nursing students, practitioners, teachers and service users; to use a participatory design  approach investigating real life scenarios.
  • Designing, testing  and  adapting an online platform to share findings and learning, related to scenarios and narratives.
  • Facilitating student participant reflection on best evidence for nursing practice, including equality, diversity and inclusivity to widen professional evidence.


This project follows on from another collaboration with a similar group of partners, called TRaNSforM. The ‘TRaNSforM’ project involved developing a set of key skills and competences for nurses, to enable them to deal effectively with the social and cultural issues of an increasingly diverse workforce and client base. 

Partners in Belgium, Portugal, Finland, Turkey, Germany, Ireland and England looked at ways to incorporate intercultural learning into existing work-based learning and how to map training, to the European Qualifications Framework.

More information about the project can be found on the TRaNSforM website.



 What is Transcultural Nursing?
Transcultural Nursing is understanding how professional nursing interact with the concept of culture. Based on anthropology and nursing, it is supported by nursing theory, research, and practice. A specific cognitive specialty in nursing that focuses on global cultures and comparative cultural caring, health, and nursing phenomena.


Established in 1955, pioneered by Madeleine Leininger as a formal area of inquiry and practice is a body of knowledge that assists in providing culturally appropriate nursing care.