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TransCoCon will  facilitate learning relating to professional values in transcultural healthcare for nurses through  developing and testing five new and sustainable Reusable Learning Objects (RLOs) and associated multimedia for  blended learning. The media will explore patient care scenarios within a transcultural model (Narayanasamy, 2002). 

The RLOs will be open access resources relevant for nurses and nursing students in their home country as well as internationally in the context of mobility. They will be made available on the HELM Open Access website. 

HELM Open Access

Multipler event

Join us in Ghent, Belgium on 20th and 21st August 2020 for our project multipler event, 'Delivering Transcultural Nurse Education in a Global Digital Age'. 

This free congress will share innovations in digital and transcultural health education with a wide audience including participants with international influence. The event will include carefully selected keynote speakers who will offer the benefit of their expertise and participants will be able to share their own cutting edge innovations in the themes of the event through their use of poster presentations.

The event will showcase project outputs from the European Commission funded ERASMUS + TransCoCon project. This project has generated five new Reusable Learning Objects (RLO's) for learning and teaching focused upon aspects of transcultural care. Sessions will address how the resources can be used to optimise teaching and learning and after the event, materials will be made available for free use via a creative commons licence.

This is a wonderful opportunity for Global networking and dissemination of excellent practice and innovation. It is particularly suited to nursing and health care educators and students as well as practitioners and those interested in the development of digital resources for learning and teaching.

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 Below you will find links to a range of dissemination material developed by the project team.

Powerpoint Presentations



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